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May 2, 2014 5:00pm PDT
orders from russia or ukraine. these are local guys with uniforms and guns and they are doing things on their own. so when a deal is struck with ukraine and russia, it has no impact on the ground here. these guys are saying, listen, nobody's negotiating with us. we're just protecting our own state. >> what cbs male crew member was beaten before they were given back their belongings and let go. right now, tens of thousands of russian troops are still massed along the border with ukraine. >>> it's a terrifying scenario. a teenager with an arsenal of weapons and a plot to kill. >> a great tragedy was averted. >> how a woman's hunch foiled a potentially devastating school massacre. >> sterling breaks his silence. the clippers owner's one regret about his racist comments and the girlfriend who recorded him. >> the ferry just came in to alameda but i'll tell you what, it is an entirely different weather pattern. still sunny, but not nearly as warm. we'll talk about your weekend forecast and beyond as the onshore flow has returned. that's coming up next. >> a sex suite on wheels. the hook-u
Apr 25, 2014 5:00pm PDT
minor injuries at a nearby assisted living facility. >>> ukraine's prime minister says russia wants to start a third world war and fears an imminent russian invasion. tensions continue to escalate in that region. ukranian antiterrorist forces have moved to push pro-russian forces out of the east. meanwhile russian fighter jets have flown into ukrainian airspace several times over the last 4 hours. >> they are going to attack ukraine. we are going to resist any invasion. and we call upon the russian authorities to stop this madness. >> now, adding to the standoff, pro-russian forces in eastern ukraine have detained a team of international observers. they believe they're hiding a spy from kiev. >>> stocks tumbled today due to the escalating situation in ukraine. the dow, nasdaq and s&p were down. >>> a huge turnout in the rain for free medical checkups. >> it is very heart-wrenching quite frankly. when i walked outside and i saw all of those people and it was just raining downpouring down on us, my heart was [ indiscernible ] >> thousands who can't otherwise afford it showed up in oak
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2